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As most of you have long ago chosen your Lenten and Easter and Holy Week music, think ahead to spring.  "Spring Carol", transcribed for "Organ Canada"  in the form of an organ prelude, is still available for SATB choir.  Appalachian beginning with minor dance-like interlude.

NOW COMPLETE!....Latest commission:  an instrumental piano larger work for a property owner in Australia, based on the rustic rural surroundings.

The teaching studio is open for winter session.  Instruments taught:  piano, voice, organ,  percussion, as well as theory, history, and harmony lessons.
Alison specializes in preparation for University auditions and RCM/RCCO exams.

GREAT ANTHEM:  "Sing O Heavens", based on Isaiah 44:23, "Sing, O Heavens, for the Lord has done it, shout O depths of the earth...."  for SB/SAB, flute and piano, suitable for creation themes, after Easter, andgeneral use.  Now available. 

THE PIANO BOOK "THE SEASONS", an all ages, all levels book, is now available, $20.  just email Alison for your copy.  This book is used in lessons to teach improv, syncopation, as well as teaching different styles of music and different ways of approaching these new ideas.  There is also a short prelude for organ and music for Junior Choir.

Sunday School music is featured in the Shine Music curriculum, Mennonite Herald Press, 2017.

Alison was a featured hymnist at the Pacific Northwest Methodist Conference in June 2011, Washington State.

Alison's "Peace Benediction" has been chosen as part of the Sunday School curriculum for Gather Round, part of the Mennonite Brethren Press, Midwest US.

 "Postlude on Noel Nouvelet" was extended in honour of the RCCO's Anniversary, and is now available as single copy, as set in "Organ Collections".

Alison's "Peace Benediction" is available in the hymnal "More Voices", AND on the CD for "More Voices".

Alison is pleased to be a member of SOCAN,  ACWC (Association of Canadian Woman Composers)  and an affiliate member of the CLC (Canadian League of Composers). 

Alison's music has travelled internationally :  New Zealand, Africa, Wales, England, Australia, Tasmania and the United States.  Across Canada, Alison's music can be found in BC, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland,  and several parts of Ontario.



  "The Journey to the Cross" consists of 12 compositions for SATB, bass, tenor, soprano solos and piano. This Holy Week cantata can be used for Tenebrae/Maundy Thursday or Good Friday.  
  "From My Collections" ; a Compositional Collage With Pieces Written From 1989 - 2006. Recorded In Inspiring Cornwall England.  
  "More Collections" features a mix of piano solos and vocals, secular and sacred.  

  "Organ Collections", recorded on a Gabriel Kney tracker organ was released in July 2008. "Organ Collections" contains all original pipe organ works, including "Postlude on Noel Nouvelet". The pieces will be available in a hard copy book in the autumn of 2009.  

  "Special Collections " a collection of songs for piano with various instruments, will highlight new compositions and old favourites. Recording for this CD will begin in 2010.  
  "Choir Collections", featuring larger works and presenting local Ontario choirs is an ongoing project. Keep checking the website for further details.  
  "The Seasons---a Musical Journey", a piano book of original piano pieces, suitable for various levels and based on Alison's cantata of the same name, will be released in summer 2010.